What to Do If You’re Hurt in a Pedestrian Auto Accident in Greenwood, South Carolina?

Whenever a pedestrian auto accident happens in Greenwood, South Carolina, the results are frequently devastating to the pedestrian and their family. Pedestrians do not have the benefit of walls, a roof, or a seat belt to protect them. They can be struck and thrown long distances. They can be crushed between two vehicles or between a vehicle and a side rail or other object. They can even be dragged by a vehicle which takes a moment to come to full stop. If an accident occurs, there is literally nothing to protect the pedestrian when a pedestrian is in an auto accident in Greenwood, SC.

Pedestrians in auto accidents are completely at the mercy of the forces of nature that propel them to their second point of impact after the first point of impact (the car) propels them into the air, crushes them, or drags them down the street. As a driver, you need to know how to prevent pedestrian auto accidents and how to respond when they occur. As a pedestrian, you also need to know how to prevent pedestrian auto accidents and how to respond with they occur.

How Drivers and Pedestrians Can Both Work to Prevent Pedestrian Auto Accidents

Preventing pedestrian auto accidents is the surest way to save pedestrian lives on an everyday basis. If you are a

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driver in Greenwood, SC, it is absolutely your responsibility to keep an eye out for pedestrians and to never make assumptions about what they are going to do. Pedestrians are killed all the time because of careless mistakes that they or the vehicle made. If you are in the right of way, it may be that the accident was not your fault at all. Unfortunately, this is not going to ease the burden of remorse on yourself or grief on the family if the pedestrian dies. Often there are times children chase pets or toys into the road. Consider students on the way to school that make the mistake of crossing before it is the correct time and the street is clear. One of the best things that you can do is to make eye contact with the pedestrian and pay attention to what they appear to be doing.

If you are a pedestrian or a parent of child pedestrians, then it is essential to be aware and to teach children to be aware of the rules of the road. Pedestrians should use crosswalks when they are available, avoid crossing when there is traffic, and never attempt to make a general guess as to whether you can make it when a vehicle seems like it might just be far enough away to make it safely. As adults, safe behavior should be given to children as a model, which will make sure that the children know safe and appropriate procedure for walking in areas with traffic. Even parking lots must be navigated safely and cautiously because you never know when a vehicle may pull out or turn a corner too fast.

How Drivers and Pedestrians Can Respond to Pedestrian Auto Accidents

Knowing how to prevent the pedestrian auto accident from occurring and be aware are some of the most important factors for drivers as well as pedestrians. Drivers and pedestrians should also know what to do if a pedestrian auto accident does occur. Accidents cannot always be prevented; otherwise, they wouldn’t be called accidents. It may be easy to say that the incident was preventable and it is possible that it was, but that does not matter or factor into the equation after a pedestrian who has been struck by a vehicle. Preventable or not, the worst has happened and you need to know what to do.

If you are the pedestrian who has just been struck by a vehicle and you are conscious and aware of your surroundings, you must remain calm and still while you assess your injuries. Granted, this is easier said than done. If your injuries are severe, then you may not be conscious. If you are conscious, remaining calm may not even be possible. You are likely to be in tremendous pain and it can be extremely challenging to remain calm in such a situation. If you find yourself lying in the road, you must quickly take stock of your injuries and determine whether you are in the line of traffic or in some other sort of immediate danger. Hopefully, at this point, the driver and other witnesses will be available to help you attend to your injuries and remain still or move if capable and necessary. If there is any likelihood of back or neck injuries, you should remain as still until emergency medical services arrive on the scene. The same is true if you have a broken bone. In such cases, movement can create more harm and even be potentially deadly.

If you are the driver, stop safely and get out of your vehicle in a location that is sure to be out of the way. Approach the injured pedestrian and assess the situation. Is the pedestrian conscious? Is the pedestrian breathing? Is the pedestrian talking? Is the pedestrian trying to move? If the person is coherent, it is best that you try to keep them calm while someone contacts the police and emergency medical services. If the pedestrian is already up and walking around, encourage them to sit down in a safe place and wait for help. If the pedestrian is not breathing or if he or she is bleeding profusely, advise the 911 dispatcher.

Once emergency help has arrived, you can focus on other aspects of the auto accident. You can collect evidence, gather the contact information of witnesses, and make sure that your auto insurance information and contact information are provided to the victim or family members.

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