What is the Average Settlement for Whiplash in a South Carolina Car Accident?

One of the hardest injuries to prove is whiplash. There is no way to medically prove that you have suffered whiplash. All you can do is get a doctor to testify that you have it. When you seek medical treatment immediately following your car accident, they will ask you what hurts. Explain to your doctor that your neck hurts. He can check to see if your symptoms match the symptoms of whiplash. He can make notes in your file that you appear to have it. There is no real medical treatment for whiplash. You may have to wear a neck brace for a few days. However, there are no surgeries or physical therapy that is associated with whiplash.

Whiplash has long been considered a “fake” injury. Because there is no way to prove whether you have it, a lot of scam artists claim they have whiplash when they sue someone. The other driver’s insurance company will probably argue that there is nothing wrong with you. This is why it’s so important to call a Greenwood accident attorney to represent you in your case. He can get proof of your injuries from your doctor.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries from a car accident. You may not even realize you have it until a few days after the accident. This is why your Greenwood accident attorney will tell you to go to the hospital following an accident. The doctor can check to see if you have whiplash. If you do, there’s not much he can do. The only thing he can do is tell you to take it easy and maybe wear a neck brace.

Whiplash is caused by your neck and head being jostled to and from. If your car is hit from behind, your head will likely get jerked back and forth. This can cause a strain on the muscles and ligaments in your neck. In rare cases, it can cause a tear in the ligament of the neck. Basically, whiplash is the result of your neck being stretched much farther than it is supposed to go.

Why do You Need an Attorney?

People are usually skeptical of a whiplash claim. Having a car accident lawyer can lend some credibility to your claim. Most attorneys won’t accept a case that has no injuries. This is because it would be worthless. If there isn’t at least some evidence that you suffered whiplash, your case won’t be worth anything.

Your lawyer can rely on expert testimony from your doctor that you have indeed suffered whiplash. You may have other injuries as well. If you don’t, your attorney can still settle your case. Just don’t expect to get millions of dollars.

Nobody wants to go to trial. This is why your attorney will probably try to settle your claim with the insurance company. He knows what a whiplash case is worth. He will try to get you as much money as possible.

How a Greenwood Accident Attorney Can Help

Your Greenwood accident attorney has handled dozens of whiplash cases. An experienced lawyer knows what your case is worth. If he tells you it’s worth a ton of money, he must not be a very experienced lawyer.

You want your Greenwood accident attorney to tell you the truth. If your only injury is whiplash, you are only going to get a few thousand dollars. The average whiplash case in South Carolina is worth anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. Depending on how good a negotiator your attorney is, you could an award anywhere in that range.

You have to understand that your attorney’s job is to make you whole. It is not his job to make you rich. A whiplash claim is not going to get you life changing money. It shouldn’t. Your settlement or judgment amount should reflect the seriousness of your injuries.

 If You’ve Been in a South Carolina Car Accident, Contact a Greenwood Accident Attorney

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