What To Do After Being Involved In A Truck Accident

Getting involved in a truck accident can be a traumatic experience. At that moment, you may not know what to do? Who to call? And how to respond? Getting involved in such an accident is extremely serious and can lead to life-altering injuries. Often, enough people engaged in such semi-truck collisions have become victims of grave injuries and require immediate medical help.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to be prepared for this situation. These tips can be beneficial to prep for the eventuality of a truck crash. If you are someone whose loved one was involved in an accident with a semi-truck, these steps can help you protect their health, rights, and legal future.

Here Are Eight Steps To Keep In Mind After A Semi-Truck Accident

Assess The Health Of Those Involved In The Accident

The most important step after a truck accident is to assess the condition of all those involved in the crash. It is crucial to do this step safely and call for medical help if required. Assessing the situation also allows you to analyze the legal ramifications of the crash.

Call The Police

Once you have analyzed the situation, the second logical step is to call the police. If the accident occurred on the highway, the 911 dispatcher would send local police officers and medical emergency responders your way. It is essential to let the dispatcher know the extent of the accident and the number of people involved so that they can send necessary help.

If the accident is a minor one, it is vital to register a police report anyway. The report acts as an official document of the accident and can help you in claiming insurance.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Truck crashes are pretty traumatizing, and often the people involved require medical help. If you find yourself not previously injured, you may have suffered internal injuries; therefore, it is essential to get a medical evaluation. Medical evaluation act as evidence of the crash. It is also important to call emergency services like the ambulance or the EMT to ensure proper medical help.

Record The Evidence Of The Scene

This advice is applicable if you are uninjured and safe after the crash. However, you must remain careful while collecting evidence from the scene of the crash. Evidence can include photographs of the vehicles and the road, plate numbers of the vehicles, the contact information of the witnesses around the scene and the people involved in the crash, and other factors like weather and road conditions that could have caused the accident. All this information can be helpful if the case goes to court or for insurance claims.

Get The Truck Appraised

Even if your truck emerged unscathed from the accident, we highly suggest that you get your vehicle appraised by professionals after the crash. It can be possible that there may be internal repairs and damage to the vehicle which are not perceptible to an untrained eye. Driving a damaged truck can lead to other dangerous situations and makes the vehicle accident-prone. It is essential to drive a truck that is the safe first stop

Stay Calm After The Accident

Getting into an accident often leads to high tempers and arguments between the two parties involved. However, this can lead to angry statements and accusations that damage your case. In addition, anything you say on record or in front of other witnesses can be used against you in court. Therefore, it is best to stay calm after the accident and ensure the safety of others around you.

Avoid Broadcasting The News On Social Media

Truck accidents are quite a serious affair, and in recent days, it’s become a worrying trend to put big accidents on social media. This can be quite harmful to those involved and can create legal issues later on. Therefore, it is best to keep the phones aside and use them only for necessary help.

Get A Lawyer

Finally, you should engage a truck accident lawyer on your case if there is a possibility of things ending up in the legal route. Truck accident lawyers can provide their expertise in multiple situations like arguing with the insurance company for a proper settlement amount or representing you in court.

So, if you or someone you know has gotten into an accident with a semi-truck, and you are not sure of the next step, our experienced attorneys are here to help you out. Contact us today to learn more.

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