What You Need to Know About the Disability Examiner in Your Greenwood Disability Case

Whenever you are trying to get disability in Greenwood, South Carolina, you need to know about the disability examiner’s role. These are specialists who evaluate your claim for social security disability or SSI disability. Once your case is opened with the social security office, a disability examiner will be assigned to your case. This specialist will be requesting your medical records from every resource that was listed on your application, and will evaluate this information when they receive it. The evaluation of your information will involve assessing your physical abilities and/or mental abilities, as the case may be, to give you a specific residual functioning capacity rating.

How Will Your Functional Limitations Be Determined in a Greenwood, South Carolina, Disability Case?

Multiple factors will go into determining your functional limitations in a Greenwood, South Carolina, disability case. The disability examiner will address this by reviewing your medical records and restrictions. They will take into account any exertional limitations, like being unable to sit, stand, or lift. They will also take into account any non-exertional limitations, like being unable to reach, bend, remember information, or even interact with others. The big question will be whether or not these limitations prevent you from completing the work that you used to do and also prevent you from seeking out other occupations. If this is the case, then you should be eligible for disability. The disability examiner will also review your past medical records to verify that your disability onset date is accurate and determine whether you are owed any back payments.

Beyond this, the disability examiner will also send questionnaires to you and to others who may have information on how your life and work has been affected. They may also contact some of these individuals by phone to learn more. Your former workplaces can provide information about any allowances that were made for your disability and whether you were let go because of it.

How Can You Reach Your Disability Examiner in Greenwood, South Carolina?

You are allowed to contact and communicate with your disability examiner. In fact, many people do this to provide their medical records right away and avoid the wait for those records to be obtained from their healthcare providers. All you need to do to get in touch is to contact the social security office where you applied for disability, reach out to the DDS agency, and ask to speak to the disability examiner on your case. You may also be contacted by the disability examiner who will wish to interview you. They will also interview any third parties whom you have named as witnesses to your disability.

In other cases, you may get a request for information in the mail, though you should also be provided with the phone number of the disability examiner on any communications. If you have new information on your medical records or if you have new employment information to report, this is who you will call.

What Happens When the Disability Examiner is Unable to Get Your Medical Records?

In cases where no medical records concerning your disability can be located, you may have to go to a consultative examination or social security medical exam. In cases where your medical records are not current or recent, this is more likely to be necessary. Your disability decision must be based on some current information, meaning that the information is from the past 90 days. Your older medical records will be needed, also, but there must be some current diagnostic information as well.

What Timeframe Can You Expect From Your Greenwood, South Carolina, Disability Examiner?

The majority of social security disability cases are decided within 90 to 120 days. In some cases, it may take longer. If it takes longer to get the medical records, or if it is necessary to have consultative medical exam, then it may take longer. In the best and simplest cases, you may have a decision within a matter of weeks. In the more rare and more complicated cases, you may be waiting for six months or more.

What Can You Do to Improve and Simplify the Process of Filing for Disability?

When you want to make sure that your application for disability doesn’t hit any road blocks, you can do this by providing all accurate information, making sure that your physician supports your disability claim, and ensuring that all of your medical history and work history are provided.

You will need to be sure that your current income is less than the limit allowed for substantial gainful activity, or SGA. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get disability if you still have a job, only that you cannot make more than a specific SGA amount. As soon as you stop making the income that falls within the SGA limit, you should apply for disability right away.

To find out if your physician is on board with your claim for disability, you simply need to have a conversation with your doctor about your limitations and whether or not they constitute a disability claim. If your physician doesn’t support your decision to file for disability, then you are unlikely to be approved by the disability examiner once they discover this.

Finally, providing your past medical history and past work history will give the disability examiner a better idea of what types of work you have experience with, what types of work you can no longer do, and what kinds of diagnoses you have been given in the past. This could paint a clear picture of how you have deteriorated over time and of the time when you became disabled.

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