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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Greenwood SC

If you are trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits, you probably already have become aware of the fact that cutting through the red tape is nearly impossible. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has established a process for reviewing initial claims for disability benefits that almost ensures most claims will be denied the first time — so if your SSD benefits were denied, don’t give up. However, having the counsel of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer can ensure your rights are protected and improve your chances.

The Greenwood attorneys at Ayers, Smithdeal & Bettis, P.C., advocate for the rights of the injured and disabled. We fight to obtain for our clients the benefits to which they are entitled. For assistance with your initial claim or a Social Security disability appeal, please contact us and schedule a consultation.

Know Your Rights if you are Applying for Social Security Disability in Greenwood

Social Security disability benefits provide financial help for those who cannot work due to severe illness, disability, catastrophic personal injury, or disease. In order to obtain Social Security disability benefits, you must prove that you have a disability or mental impairment that is expected to last over 12 months or is expected to lead to death. In addition, you must have contributed to the Social Security system (through regular payroll tax deductions) for a certain number of years. If you haven’t you may still be entitled to benefits through a claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Our attorneys work with your doctors to ensure the documentation of your disability or impairment is complete in order to avoid any future unnecessary denials. We carefully advise clients throughout the entire Social Security disability claims process, including appeals.

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If your Social Security disability benefits have been denied, it is important to seek the assistance of an experienced SSD attorney. Claims that are handled by a skilled disability lawyer have a much higher chance for success than those that are handled without the assistance of a lawyer. Call us 855-213-4405 for a consultation. Or use our online form.

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