Driver Blames Food for Hitting Multiple Vehicles

A driver in Greenwood hit multiple vehicles and then told the police it happened because he was hungry. The driver was identified by the police as one Moses Donavan Rhinehart, 56.

Rhinehart first rammed his vehicle into another vehicle stopped at the red light. He was driving a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria at the time. The initial crash, which resulted in no injuries or notable damage to the other vehicle, took place at the intersection of Durst Avenue West and West Cambridge Avenue. Rhinehart hit the vehicle in front of him multiple times. The driver in the other vehicle pulled to the side to give way. Rhinehart then drove his Ford onto the sidewalk. He also hit the guardrail and the wall.

He somehow managed to drive on and continued westwards. Along the way, he hit another two vehicles. Finally, Rhinehart’s vehicle stopped at the Colhum Avenue and Cambridge Avenue intersection. Meanwhile, the police had been reported about him and approached him after having located his vehicle.

According to the police officers, Rhinehart attempted to flee from the scene of the accident. He didn’t succeed as the Ford didn’t start. The officer arrested him and booked him at the police station. Before doing so, they also had him checked out at Self Regional Medical Center.

Interestingly, Rhinehart had no alcohol or drugs in his blood. When asked about his multiple crashes, he simply told the police that he was trying to get something to eat and didn’t know what was going on. It is suspected that he may have a diagnosed or undiagnosed medical condition which could’ve contributed to the unusual behavior.

For now, Rhinehart has been charged with attempting to leave the scene of an accident. Penalties for the charge include 30 days to 1 year in prison and possible fines if an injury is involved. If you are involved in a wreck, contact our Greenwood car accident attorneys today.


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