Driver Accidentally Crashes Vehicle into Doctor’s Office

In an accident that took place Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019, a woman crashes her vehicle into her doctor’s office. The accident thankfully resulted in no injuries.

According to the Greenville Police Department, a patient visiting the doctor at Piedmont Podiatry Associates was about to leave when the accident happened. The patient was about to back out of the parking driver and instead drove straight ahead, ramming the car into the doctor’s office. The car hit the brick wall and broke through it, entering the office.

When the police officers arrived, the driver told them that she was actually trying to back out of the driver when she accidentally placed her foot on the drive. The police confirmed that there were no injuries as thankfully no one was at the spot where the car hit the brick wall.

It remains unclear as to whether or not the business at Piedmont Podiatry Associates will be conducted in the wake of the accident or if the facility will wait until repairs are completed. It is also unclear whether the business, which is located at 11 Mills Road in Greenville, intends to launch civil litigation against the driver.

Typically, in a car accident where a driver accidentally hits your property, the driver is liable for damages. If the driver is insured, these damages are deducted from the driver’s policy. In some cases, the policy may not cover the full extent of the damage in which case the property owner’s insurance may cover the rest. If that still doesn’t cover the full extent of the damages, however, you can file for civil litigation against the driver.

In the present case, the damage from the accident appears minor. So it is very likely that should the doctor’s office press for damages, the driver’s insurance will cover it.

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