Is Covid-19 Covered by Worker’s Compensation in South Carolina?

Does Covid-19 cover under worker’s compensation in South Carolina? According to South Carolina’s Worker’s Compensation Act, an injury caused due to community diseases like a common cold, flu, or Covid-19 is not covered under worker’s compensation.

In order for workers to be eligible for worker’s compensation, the injury should arise within the scope of employment. It covers “occupational diseases” that occur due to the nature of the employment, like injury caused due to inhaling toxic fumes while at work, getting injured while working with chemicals like silica, asbestos, and other specific substances.

Covid-19 or coronavirus is yet to be considered part of such work-related injury as it is treated as a disease and something that is solely not contracted by just being at a workplace.

In short, Covid-19 is not covered under worker’s compensation in South Carolina.

Covid-19 & Worker’s Compensation for Healthcare Workers

This also allows us to think if Covid-19 will be treated as a workplace injury for doctors and healthcare workers? Are they eligible for worker’s compensation in South Carolina?

As a healthcare worker who contracts Covid-19 while on duty, the employer’s insurance company plays a big part in providing workers compensation. You need to prove that you are at the risk of contracting the virus and link it directly to your employment.

Once the insurance company finds the link feasible, the claim will be covered, under which you will be provided medical treatment at zero cost.

You may also be given weekly compensation for the period you cannot go to work after contracting the virus. You will be compensated with 2/3rd of the weekly wage.

Are Essential Workers Provided Worker’s Compensation in South Carolina?

Apart from the healthcare workers, the essential services workers are also majorly exposed to contracting Covid-19 while at work.

For those services where work from home isn’t feasible, a large number apart from healthcare workers contracted the virus at the workplace. However, it is impossible to prove that an employee contracted the virus from being at the workplace and not through any other means.

In this case, healthcare workers are at a better advantage (along with the risk of contracting of virus) and can prove their case better within reasonable doubt.

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