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Accidents happen every day as we carry on with our day-to-day lives. We expose ourselves to risks as we perform tasks throughout the day. Some of these accidents happen out of sheer bad luck. However, some accidents happen due to the recklessness or negligence of other parties.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should immediately consider calling a Clinton personal injury lawyer. At Ayers, Smithdeal, & Bettis, P.C, our attorneys are ready to help you hold all negligent parties accountable for their actions. Call 855-213-4405 now to schedule a free case review.

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What Should I Do After an Injury?

Have you been involved in an accident? Are you wondering what you should do? Here are several steps that can help you strengthen your Clinton personal injury claim:

Seek Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do is to seek medical treatment. Visit a doctor immediately, and remember to keep a record of your hospital visits.

Gather Evidence & Talk to Witnesses

Record evidence while at the scene of the accident. Use your phone to take pictures and videos of anything that your Clinton personal injury lawyer can use to build a strong claim.

Note down the details of any witnesses. This may include their names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Report the Incident

Contact the police in the event of a car accident. For work-related accidents, make sure you notify your supervisor or employer. In South Carolina, you must report a workplace injury before 90 days to be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Don’t Admit Fault

Don’t implicate yourself by making statements implying you were at fault. Never apologize after a crash. Admitting fault can lead to you losing out on compensation, or having your compensation reduced.

Contact a Clinton Personal Injury Lawyer

Call Ayers, Smithdeal, & Bettis, P.C if you’ve been involved in an accident. Our reputable law firm will protect your rights throughout the claims process. The earlier you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Clinton, the better.

Why Do I Need a Clinton Personal Injury Lawyer?

At Ayers, Smithdeal & Bettis, P.C, our legal team is prepared to protect your interests. Hiring our legal team comes with various benefits, including:

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

Our attorneys will look into your medical records, dashcam footage, police reports, and any other piece of evidence to prove fault. We will also ensure we file your claim following all required procedures and on time.

Settlement Negotiation

Our skilled Clinton personal injury lawyers are experienced negotiators. We will push for the best settlement to cover your damages.

Trial Preparation & Representation

At Ayers, Smithdeal, & Bettis, P.C, our trial lawyers are well-versed with how trials work. We will prepare the best arguments to convince the judge and jury that the defendant breached their duty of care and caused your injuries.

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What Type of Damages Can I Recover?

In South Carolina, you may be entitled to the following damages after a successful personal injury claim:

Economic Damages

These are easily calculable damages due to the presence of receipts and bills. They include medical expenses, household services, lost income, and car repair costs.

Non-Economic Damages

These are quality-of-life damages that cover pain and suffering, reputational damage, humiliation, and loss of enjoyment of activities.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages aren’t awarded in every personal injury case. Also known as exemplary damages, they are awarded to punish the defendant for their reckless actions.

How Is Liability Determined?

The state of South Carolina follows a modified comparative negligence rule. It uses this system to determine fault and allocate damages. Here, you’ll only receive compensation in a personal injury claim if your share of fault is 50% or less.

At Ayers, Smithdeal, & Bettis, P.C, our seasoned personal injury attorneys in Clinton, SC, will use these four elements to determine liability:

Duty of Care: Did a legal duty of care exist between the two parties?

Breach of Duty of Care: Did the defendant fail to fulfill their duty of care?

Causation: Did this breach result in the accident?

Damages: Did you incur any damages, including medical bills and property damage, due to the accident?

At Ayers, Smithdeal & Bettis, P.C, our Clinton personal injury lawyers are ready to go through everything in your case to prove liability. We won’t leave any stone unturned. Get in touch with us now to get the justice you deserve.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in South Carolina?

It’s always important to file your claim before the South Carolina deadline. This is the only way to qualify to receive compensation for a personal injury claim. You have three years to file a personal injury claim in South Carolina. Contact our law firm now before the time limit runs out.

Personal Injury Claims Process

Ayers, Smithdeal & Bettis, P.C takes every personal injury case seriously. Once you contact us, our lawyers will look into the facts of your case. We will conduct an in-depth investigation to determine if you have a case. If so, we will prove liability and determine the value of your case. Our Clinton personal injury lawyers will look into your medical records, police reports, and CCTV footage to prove the at-fault party.

We will then file a demand letter seeking maximum compensation. We won’t accept any lowball offers from the insurer. If they deny your claim, we will file an appeal. If this doesn’t work out, we are ready to represent you in court.

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How Much Will a Clinton Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Ayers, Smithdeal & Bettis, P.C doesn’t charge any hourly rates or flat fees for our legal services. We operate on a contingency fee basis. Here, you only pay for our legal services if we win your case. You don’t need to pay any upfront fees for our legal services.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our Clinton personal injury lawyers can handle any type of personal injury case in South Carolina, including:

Car Accidents

Our car accident lawyers represent those hurt in distracted driving accidents, DUI accidents, and other crashes caused by careless or reckless behavior.

Bar and Restaurant Liability

Bars and restaurants should ensure their premises are safe and hazard-free. You can sue the facilities if you slip and fall due to defective conditions. You may also be entitled to compensation for bouncer assaults.

Construction Accidents

Workers at construction sites can sustain injuries when equipment malfunctions or if they fall from a scaffold. There are many potential hazards in construction sites that can also harm visitors or passers-by.

Defective Products

Defects in the manufacture or design of a product can result in injuries. Manufacturers may also fail to warn, putting users of their products at risk.

Dog Bites

It’s estimated that over 4.5 million dog bites happen every year in the US. If a dog has bitten you, you can file a personal injury claim to recover damages.

Industrial Accidents

These types of accidents mainly happen when one is operating heavy machinery. They can lead to lacerations, loss of body parts, or even death.

Medical Negligence

If a medical professional’s negligent care led to your injuries, you could file a medical malpractice claim.

Nursing Home Negligence

If you lose someone you care about due to the negligence of a nursing home, you have the right to seek justice.

Premises Liability

If a dangerous condition injures you in a commercial or residential building, you can sue the owner for negligence.

Workplace Injuries

Chronic exposure injuries, falls, being caught or struck by moving machinery, and fire are some of the accidents that may happen in the workplace. If you’ve sustained injuries in the workplace, Ayers, Smithdeal & Bettis, P.C is ready to help you file for workers’ compensation benefits.

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