Car Accident Lawyer: How Much Does One Cost in Greenwood?

How much does it cost to get a car accident lawyer? Many places around the world see more traffic accidents than others. Unfortunately, South Carolina is one such place where a road accident happens every 4.7 minutes. In 2019, the state saw 1,001 car accident deaths.

If you have ever been a car accident victim, you will know how severe after-effects can be.

Greenwood auto accident lawyers are at your service and will take care of your case while you may be recovering from the incident. They thoroughly investigate your case and fight till you get the compensation you deserve.

Damages That Can Be Recovered

You and your vehicle could be subjected to different damages after an accident. If you are not on the wrong side, you can get back most of the accident-related expenses in a payout.

The damages that can be recovered in South Carolina car accident cases include ambulance services, emergency care, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, physiotherapy, medications, follow-up treatment, medical equipment, and other medical care needs.

Other financial damages that can be recovered include lost bonuses and benefits, lost salaries, transportation costs, property damage, and lowered earning capacity. There are some non-economic damages like deterioration in mental health, pain and suffering, and other psychological damages. Though these damages cannot be weighed and a price decided, fair compensation will definitely be obtained.

Finally, there are wrongful death damages, including medical care your dear one needed, funeral and burial expenses, and other intangible damages if any loved ones lost their lives in the car wreck.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Greenwood Car Accident Lawyer?

There could be car accident cases that do not require the interference of an attorney, like those involving no physical damages to life and property. These can be dealt with by the involvement of your insurance company. For every other case, hiring an auto accident attorney is the wisest thing to do.

The cases that involve serious injuries or deaths are safe in the hands of an experienced attorney. There can be criminal implications in such cases, and it can be difficult to get justice for your claims if you are fighting alone.

Lawyers can help if you believe you have not done anything wrong, but the evidence is unclear. They can collect evidence and prove your innocence so that you don’t lose. Lawyers can give some great advice if the insurance company pushes you to accept way less than what you should be actually getting.

What Role Do the Car Accident Lawyers Play?

Car accident lawyers in Greenwood, SC, work hard to study your case and find points to support your claims. They play a great role in the success of your accident case. These are the things they do:

Collect Evidence

The lawyers take pain to talk with all the witnesses like firefighters, EMTs, and others who can give evidence of the accident. They will go to the accident site, take pictures and go through the police reports to find out how the accident happened. They can also check police records to find if the other driver broke any traffic rules.

Car accident lawyer in Greenwood SC

Find Out Who All Are Involved

In many cases, it is not just the driver of the other vehicle responsible for the car accident. There could be other parties involved, too, which can be determined by the lawyer. For example, if you were hit by a company vehicle, it is essential to see if the vehicle was well maintained and the driver properly trained. If not, you may have to fight the company, not just the driver.

Negotiate a Settlement

Your insurance company may come to you with a payout amount that may not match the damages caused. The company’s officials may not consider all the present and future damages while coming up with an amount. A car accident attorney will stand stern to fight till you get the total recovery amount and will not leave the case unless you get justice.

Consider Your Future Losses

Many accident cases have long-term effects on the person involved, like a decrease in working capability or the like. Generally, the initial settlement offer will not consider these factors.

Once you agree with this settlement amount, you cannot expect to get any further compensation if a complication occurs later. Car accident lawyers foresee such situations and negotiate settlements by considering future losses.

Advice on Proper Medical Care

You are probably wrong if you think it is perfectly fine to handle your car accident injuries by yourself. It is necessary to go to a healthcare provider to analyze the extent of your injuries.

Apart from receiving the best medical care for your injuries, this also helps you connect the injuries to the accident case. Once the extent of your injuries is determined, your attorney can advise you on matters regarding the acceptance of the settlement.

Takes Prompt Legal Action

There is a time limit for taking legal action if you are involved in a car accident in Greenwood, SC. The deadline varies depending on what kind of lawsuit you are filing. For example, the time limit to file a case for personal injury is two years from the date of the accident.

It is always better to contact a car accident lawyer immediately after the accident so that he can take legal action as soon as possible.

Cost of a Car Accident Lawyer in Greenwood, SC

Most car accident lawyers in Greenwood, SC, levy no fee for the first consultation. When you make an appointment for a free consultation, the lawyer first studies your case and does a proper investigation to analyze the amount you can get as compensation. Once he understands the case, he will fight on your behalf in court or try for an out-of-the-court settlement if that is possible.

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