Car Accident in Greenwood: Average Settlement

On average, the amount that changes hands due to a car accident settlement in the United States is $19,000. However, this speaks nothing about the settlement amount you may/may not receive if you were a car accident victim in Greenwood, SC.

This is because car accident settlements are calculated on a case-by-case basis and depend on several factors. Each car accident case is different from the other, but you can get a round figure by consulting a Greenwood auto accident attorney. As such, all factors are taken into account depending on varying levels of severity in the accident being claimed at the time.

Factors affecting a Car Accident Settlement in Greenwood, SC

Several factors can be considered while calculating your settlement amount. If you have suffered just a scratch on your car’s door, you would likely only receive an amount to repair it. Things take a drastic turn if death or fatal injury is involved. The settlement your next of kin would receive in case of death or fatal injury resulting in serious disability would be extremely high.

To know how much you can expect in your case, it is best to look at statistical data on what insurance settlements typically look like under different types of injuries. Here’s a list of such types and the type of data you should check to find out the nearest amount you could receive.

Fatal injuries that result in death or disability

  • Average wrongful death verdicts and the settlements involving them
  • Spinal cord injuries – injury settlements
  • Burns on the body – average by amount and type of burn on the body
  • Loss of a body part – verdicts regarding case resolutions in South Carolina, Washington D. C, and any other states.
  • Loss of sight – Check the value of cases relating to vision loss without any specificity towards the type of loss.
  • Vertebral Fractures – median amounts regarding different fractures resulting from car accidents.
  • Internal Bleeding – check median amounts and verdicts on settlements
  • Fractured back – average verdict settlements in Greenwood
  • Injured ears – depends on the type and severity of the injury
  • Concussions – Statistics and sample verdicts regarding this would be helpful to give you an idea.

Disc injuries such as Herniated disc and more

Your insurance claim worth is calculated based on what type of accident caused this disc injury, either cervical or herniated. Look at the data regarding the value of cervical and herniated disc injuries in Greenwood, SC. And also, check the national disc injury verdict data to get accurate estimates of your case.

Injuries that occurred below the waist

For foot and ankle injuries, knee injuries, fractured or broken legs, or amputated toes, foot, or legs cases, get both the median and average settlement payout amounts and as many verdicts as possible regarding this.

Injuries that occurred above the waist

Different factors in injuries above the shoulder include:

  1. Shoulder injuries – general shoulder injuries, rotator cuff, and fractured shoulders. Look at the median values for such cases, and getting a doctor to testify for you would increase your chances of getting better settlements.
  2. Hand, wrist, and fingers – are checked on a case-by-case basis, and calculating typical compensation payouts for fractures and other injuries would be enough.
  3. Facial scarring, fractured hip, fractured ribs, headaches, and chest injuries are all miscellaneous injuries and simply collecting data on previous verdicts regarding such injuries would give you a good estimate on your car insurance settlement.

Other Factors to check while estimating your settlement for car accidents in Greenwood

All the above categories are regarding personal injuries you have suffered from a car accident. These expenses are the first to be calculated when deciding on your car accident settlement. However, other factors such as damage done to your car, changes to your lifestyle, if any, and wages lost are also included in your calculations to give a more inclusive settlement offer that’s fair to you, the victim.

Damages done to personal property

If you were transporting any personal property in your vehicle and that property was damaged due to the accident, you will likely be reimbursed for your damages. This also includes any damage done to your vehicle as well. The defendant’s insurance company would have to reimburse all properties damaged by their client, and this amount would directly be added to the settlement amount.

Wages lost

If you have suffered lost wages due to this accident, you are then entitled to a 100% compensation on all wages lost so far, and for all the wages you could lose due to your injuries. The amount will be reflected directly based on your paycheck.

Punitive damages

Punitive damages do not come under any of the above categories. This settlement category is solely placed as a sort of punishment on the person who caused the accident. This money does not go to courts but directly to the victim. However, punitive damages are only paid for particularly severe cases, and it is agreed that the accident was caused due to recklessness and/or carelessness by the driver.

Insurance limits

While there are several categories which you can claim settlement amounts from. Sometimes, your claim will be rejected by the insurance company simply because the insurance doesn’t cover the amount you ask for. In such cases, you cannot ask the insurance company to pay more and will have to take the money directly from the person that caused the accident. This reduces your chances of getting your settlement amount that is due.

Estimation of fault

When you are the victim of a car accident in Greenwood, you will be given compensation for the same. However, if it is determined that you too are at some fault during the accident, the settlement amount would be drastically reduced, and you will be forced to take part of the bills on your own. Faults are arbitrarily calculated as a percentage in each case for both parties. The final settlement amounts are released based on these percentages.


The average amount of settlement is $19,000 in the US. However, looking at the median values for different injuries you have suffered, and the different factors regarding the car accident will give you a much more accurate estimation of the settlement amount you would receive. This amount is heavily dependent on the severity of your injuries and the fault you might be in. For a more concrete estimate, contact the best Greenwood personal injury attorney today.

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