How to Avoid a DUI Arrest in the Holiday Season

DUI accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury in Greenwood, South Carolina during the holiday season. Whether you are injured by a DUI driver or indicted in a DUI crash, a good car accident lawyer in Greenwood, SC can immensely help you. However, prevention is better than cure. And so, it is always a better idea to prevent a DUI arrest in the first place.

This may sound hard as the holidays are the time when there is a lot of drinking and celebrating going on. You may wonder how to prevent driving while drunk when you have to do a lot of both during the typical holiday season. The good news is that it is quite possible with just a bit of planning ahead. Here are some handy tips to make sure you drive responsibly while enjoying your drinks at the same time during these holidays.

Tag Team with a Sober Friend

Most of us have that friend who is guaranteed to stay sober through all the parties and jubilation. The importance of such a friend during the holidays can’t be overstated. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun but also wish to avoid the possibility of a DUI arrest, be sure to tap that sober friend of yours.

Make a tag team so that when you are heading to the next party, you have a sober friend with you. You can drive on your way to the party but request your friend to drive you on the way back. This way, you don’t risk hurting anyone on the road, including yourself, and ensure that there will be no DUI arrests on your record.

Keep an Eye on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

South Carolina has a BAC threshold of 0.08% for a DUI arrest to be valid. If you are found driving while your BAC is at this level, you may be found guilty of a DUI offense. Fortunately, a single drink is not likely to hike up your BAC to that level. So you can be a part of the drinking at a party without necessarily becoming intoxicated. The important thing is to know how many drinks you had. And even if you had a single drink and your BAC was below the legal limit, it is wiser to simply not drive after drinking.

Be Cooperative With the Police OfficersduiDUI 

During the holiday season, Greenwood law enforcement officers are likely to be more vigilant towards possible DUI drivers. If you are stopped by an officer, whether or not you are intoxicated, it is best to fully cooperate and be polite. If you are sober, don’t hesitate to undergo any breathalyzer tests or field sobriety tests you are asked to undergo. If you are under the influence, you can refuse these tests but you will have to face additional penalties for refusal. Being cooperative usually plays to your advantage. Even when you are refusing to undergo the tests, be sure to utter the refusal in a polite manner.

Make Driving Arrangements in Advance

If you are likely to get drunk at a party and don’t have the option to stay over, you can make alternative arrangements for your ride back. One of these includes having a sober friend drive you back, as discussed above. When that is not possible, you should have other options. You can, for instance, tap a cab driver to pick you up at a given hour or call one when you are done at the party. With many rental options literally at your fingertips, it is incredibly easy to simply head home on a rental vehicle instead of risking a DUI arrest or crash.

Hiring a Reliable Car Accident Attorney in Greenwood, SC

The tips shared above will help you avoid a DUI stop and arrest in the first place. But if you were somehow unable to avoid a run with the law while driving under the influence during the holidays, it is important to hire a good attorney at the earliest. The attorney will help you explore your options and find a way towards minimum penalties.

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