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Can I Get Disability for ADHD in Greenwood, SC?

Attorney at Law for ADHD Disability in Greenwood South Carolina

Most people in Greenwood, South Carolina, don’t realize that ADHD affects adults as well as children and that you can apply for disability if you suffer from this disorder. The majority of children who have ADHD will continue to have the disorder well into adulthood, in many cases, forever.  Yet, the Social Security Administration doesn’t…

What to Do If You’re Hurt in a Pedestrian Auto Accident in Greenwood, South Carolina?

Greenwood South Carolina Lawyer for auto accidents

Whenever a pedestrian auto accident happens in Greenwood, South Carolina, the results are frequently devastating to the pedestrian and their family. Pedestrians do not have the benefit of walls, a roof, or a seat belt to protect them. They can be struck and thrown long distances. They can be crushed between two vehicles or between…

What You Need to Know About the Disability Examiner in Your Greenwood Disability Case

social security disability law lawyer in Greenwood SC

Whenever you are trying to get disability in Greenwood, South Carolina, you need to know about the disability examiner’s role. These are specialists who evaluate your claim for social security disability or SSI disability. Once your case is opened with the social security office, a disability examiner will be assigned to your case. This specialist…

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